Stuck at Loading Screen – How To Fix

  • 2 mins read

If you are using your service but it suddenly stuck at the loading screen, then there are a few factors and fixes that you need to check out in order to fix this issue completely,

Here are a few reasons which cause your app to get stuck in the loading screen:

Reason 1: Your Device is saturated:

Your device might be running low on Storage or doesn’t have enough Ram to manage the IPTV application, the first thing to do is to restart your device by removing the power cable for 3 minutes and try again

Reason 2: Having Too Many Channels:

Too many channels are probably the other reason why the app gets stuck in loading your TV and is unable to load the channels that we offer.

Therefore you have to provide our team with the name of the Countries that you watch and then they will remove the remaining channels to make the app load faster.

Provide by WhatsApp message or by Email, the names of countries you want to keep, and then our team will remove the remaining channels.

Reason 3: Your IPTV Subscription is expired:

This is one of the most common reasons why the apps keep loading and you are not able to sign in. Therefore please check the date we sent the login details to you and see if your subscription is expired or not.

If it is expired then simply contact us on whatsapp or email us.

Reason 4: Your ISP is Blocking IPTV:

This is another reason why the app gets stuck in the loading screen your Internet Service Provider (ISP) is blocking you or limiting the bandwidth to stream IPTV stream.

The only fix for that is to use the VPN to avoid this from happening, you can just go ahead and purchase ExpressVPNNordVPNIPVanish, or any other VPN of your choice.

Once the VPN is installed then launch the VPN and connect to the Netherlands, Australia, Pakistan, Canada, India, Ireland, or any nearby server to get fast speed.

After connecting it just go back to the IPTV app and launch it again to see whether this issue is fixed or not.

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